12 People. 12 Stories.

Check out the inspiring stories below to hear how the orthopedic community is embracing healing with every step.

Story 1 – Healthcare Executive Don Grunden talks about the importance of teamwork and excellence within the orthopedic community. 
Story 2 – Hear how Drs. Corey and Michelle Ponder’s purpose-driven passion impacts not only their patients, but also the health of their marriage and family.
Story 3 – Surgery Nurse, JoAnn Parsley, talks about her story of perseverance and the encouragement she finds in the orthopedic community around her.

“Having something hurt on you takes a great portion of your life away from you.”

Story 4 – Hear why Vanester Madison is passionate about her work at the central sterile department and the joy she finds in serving those around her.
Story 5 – Aesculap Director Stuart Carter talks about how perseverance and dedication lead to restoration in the lives of orthopedic patients.

“Restoration in orthopedics is a daily occurrence.”

Story 6 – Dr. Zakary Knutson discusses the impact his role as a surgeon plays in a patient’s physical restoration as well as life after surgery.
Story 7 – Before her hip replacement, Cathy was only able to focus on her pain. After surgery, she’s excited to give back to her community in a special way.
Story 8 – Driven by a desire to cultivate change, Clay Steves discusses his vision for Habakkuk to be a source of restoration within the orthopedic community.

“I felt there was a need, I felt there was an opportunity, to create an organization that had an end focus not of economics, but the purpose of bringing peoples’ lives back.”

Story 9 – Scott Gunn talks about the importance of purpose and passion and what inspires him within his role.
Story 10 – Having undergone spine surgery himself, Dr. Brett Braly views his profession as an opportunity to extend the restoration he experienced, to his patients.

“I’m looking at being excited about being put back in balance again.”

Story 12 – Bob Barnhill’s total knee replacement surgery allowed him to get back to enjoying one of his greatest joys, his grandkids.
Story 11 – Jenn Falter discusses how her spine surgery not only gave her her job back, but the ability to bring restoration to her patients.

Behind the Scenes