Habakkuk has partnered with Heraeus Medical – the inventor of PALACOS® – and is committed to seamlessly transitioning customers and ensuring immediate and continuous access to the PALACOS® portfolio of high-quality cements. In 2019, Habakkuk became the exclusive Oklahoma PALACOS® distributor.

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Habakkuk and Heraeus have teamed up to bring Oklahoma the #1 bone cement in the world.

Heraeus Medical

Heraeus is an established Fortune 500 company with more than 160 years of experience. Headquartered in Germany, the company is renowned for its innovation, operational excellence, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Heraeus Medical, operating in almost 60 countries, is the global leader in joint fixation and infection management, and is committed to continued innovation, simplicity, and clinical results.


The PALACOS® portfolio stands apart from other bone cements. Proven in more than 30 million cases worldwide, PALACOS® cements provide consistent handling, predictable outcomes, and low revision rates in total joint arthroplasty.


Designed with a unique green color that lends for greater visibility, PALACOS® offers varied viscosities either with or without added antibiotic, making it the ideal choice for diverse applications.


PALACOS® R is a high-viscosity bone cement and known as the gold standard in joint arthroplasty. With raw materials of a consistently high quality and a proven formula, PALACOS®cements have made a positive contribution towards successful surgical interventions for over 50 years. Characteristically green in color, PALACOS® contrasts optically with the surrounding tissue and thus facilitates easier handling during surgery.

PALACOS® R is also available with added gentamicin. The local release of the antibiotic minimizes the risk of infection in the implant with reduced systemic load.1 Today, PALACOS®R+G* is known for very low revision rates in cemented endoprostheses.2

1 Engesæter, L.B. Antibiotic prophylaxis in total hip arthroplasty, University of Bergen, Norway 2003
2 Herberts, P. et al.: The Swedish National Hip Arthroplasty Register – Report 2004, Department of Orthopaedics Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden 2004
*The cement is indicated for use in the second stage of a two stage revision for total joint arthroplasty after the initial infection has been cleared.


Mixing Systems

The PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system is the secret to the outstanding workability of PALACOS® cements. Exclusively developed for all PALACOS® cements, it delivers a perfectly homogeneous cement mixture.

  • Safe and easy handling
  • Filling funnel with particle filter prevents glass particles in the bone cement
  • Standardized mixing process produces consistent results
  • Easy and time-saving use, thanks to collection under vacuum
  • Selection of nozzles for different indications
  • Includes diverse pressurizers for optimal cementing techniques
  • Mix up to 80 g of bone cement in PALAMIX® uno (or up to 160 g of bone cement in PALAMIX® duo in 2 cartridges)
  • Apply bone cement directly from the mixing cartridge

The PALABOWL vacuum mixing bowl allows excellent visibility and monitoring of the blending process.

  • Rotating axis paddle design allows mixing from all angles to create a thorough cement mix with the least possible unmixed powder
  • Shaped spatula and curette included, exactly matching the contour of the bowl to help remove cement from the bowl without waste
  • The bowl allows for a high capacity, up to 3 batches of 40 g of bone cement can be mixed at once

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