Habakkuk Signs Agreement with Naviswiss

Earlierthis month Habakkuk signed an agreement with Naviswiss to distribute their innovative hip navigation platform. Naviswiss technology is “Smart, Small & Accurate” and provides real-time feedback for acetabular cup inclination and version in the operating theatre. They also recently received FDA approval for their image-based software to complement their previously cleared imageless platform. 

Since our founding in 2013, Habakkuk has been involved in distributing exceptional navigation and robotics for Total Knee Arthroplasty in our markets and the addition of the Naviswiss system to our Total Hip Arthroplasty portfolio continues this trend of providing exceptional technologies in the OR.

Habakkuk And Heraeus Terminate Agreement

Effective Oct. 16, 2020, Habakkuk and manufacturer partner Heraeus’ agreement will terminate. Habakkuk will no longer be a distributor of the Heraeus product PALACOS® bone cement.

A manufacturer partner since 2018, Habakkuk utilized Heraeus’ PALACOS® bone cement line to help serve the greater Oklahoma City market.

Habakkuk’s mission is to prioritize our surgeons and their patients with exceptional product and performance. After much thought, Habakkuk’s executive team decided to discontinue the partnership with Heraeus. Heraeus is an exceptional manufacturer and Habakkuk is honored to have partnered with them.

Surgeons and facilities can place orders until the termination deadline.

Habakkuk Manufacturer Partner Divests Business

Habakkuk manufacturer partner, Integra Lifesciences, announced a definitive agreement to divest its Extremity Orthopedics business to Smith+Nephew. Integra anticipates that the deal will close at or near the end of 2020 and not materially impact financial results for the year.

Integra’s Extremity Orthopedics business generated $90 million in 2019 and $32.7 million in 1H20 sales, but the company struggled to get it on track in recent years. Sales declined in the three consecutive years between 2017 and 2019. COVID’s cancellation of elective procedures significantly impacted the business as well, with a -26.6% decline in 1H20 compared to the prior year.

A manufacturer partner since 2014, Habakkuk has utilized Integra’s shoulder product line to help serve the greater Oklahoma City market. Habakkuk’s contract with Integra runs until Jan. 1, 2021. During Integra’s transitional period, Habakkuk will continue to offer Integra’s exceptional shoulder products until the end of 2020. Habakkuk’s mission is to prioritize our surgeons and their patients with clear communication and exceptional product and performance.

Habakkuk Signs Contract With New Manufacturer Partner

Habakkuk recently signed a contract with Gramercy Extremity Orthopedics, otherwise known as GEO. GEO was formed from the idea that a more cost-effective, user-friendly, and efficacious way to deliver Orthopedic Medical Implants could exist in today’s healthcare environment. This is achieved through proprietary RFID technology, a groundbreaking Point-of-Sale delivery system, and best-in-class sterilized, single-use orthopedic implants and instruments.

Habakkuk now offers the GEO CART. The GEO CART is a computerized mobile implant and instrumentation inventory system based on RFID technology. The GEO CART system reduces delays in surgery, decreases sterility risks to the patient, eliminates billing mistakes and handwritten forms, automatically generates the Implant Usage Form, removes the cost to clean and sterilize components and instrumentation and reduces facility operating expenses.

Habakkuk is proud to partner with GEO and offer the Oklahoma community access to this revolutionary and excellent product. Contact us to begin user GEO CART at your facility today!

Habakkuk Receives Paycheck Protection Program Loan

Habakkuk is an orthopedic device distributor and consulting firm that exists to help restore life within the orthopedic community. Our four core values – servant heart, teamwork, excellence and perseverance – act to guide us as we humbly strive to serve our surgeons and patients every step of the way.

The effects of COVID-19 have reached far and wide and the orthopedic community was just one of the many industries impacted. Due to the 5-week government mandated shutdown of elective surgery, Habakkuk was met with a near complete loss of revenue during that time. However, the Paycheck Protection Program allowed Habakkuk to prioritize its team members during that time while staying economically competitive. Habakkuk retained 100 percent of its workforce at 100 percent of their pay and managed to avoid furloughs and layoffs of any sort. 

The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. Habakkuk utilized this loan program for exactly that purpose and was able to maintain its mission to help restore life and remain an active member of the orthopedic community. Habakkuk is grateful for the opportunity and ability to contribute within the Oklahoma economy.

Habakkuk Internship Program

Habakkuk is proud to announce the Habakkuk Internship Program, otherwise known as HIP. The 2020 summer HIP will be a hands-on, full access experience through Habakkuk.

HIP participants will be exposed to a unique faith-based, small business working within a very large industry. They will also be exposed to Habakkuk’s mission and values, strong leaders and successful leadership qualities.

HIP participants will learn about their personal gifts and strength and how they can be used in the work place to help restore physical and spiritual life. They will receive spiritual, personal, and professional development.

Team Development Intern

Team Development HIP participants will learn how to effectively utilize, prepare, and execute professional and personal growth development opportunities within a small business. Candidates with enthusiasm for professional and personal development, project management, event management, teaching, and MBTI, strength finders or enneagram are encouraged to apply.

Compensation: $10/hr, up to 40 hrs/week for 5 weeks- June 29th- July 31st

Creative Media Intern

Creative Media HIP participants will gain practical first hand knowledge and understanding on how to effectively communicate and market to the orthopedic community. Candidates with skills regarding writing, editing, marketing materials design, social media, photography and strategic planning are encouraged to apply.

Compensation: $10/hr, up to 40 hrs/week for 5 weeks- June 29th- July 31st

Data Analytics Intern

Data Analytics HIP participants will learn how to strategically present small business data, be an effective business partner, and how to manage and evaluate inventory. Candidates with an interest in excel, Tableau, inventory management and data reporting are encouraged to apply.

Compensation: $10/hr, up to 40 hrs/week for 5 weeks- June 29th- July 31st

Interested applicants should send a full resume to Quincy Taylor at HR@Habakkuk.Health by June 3rd at 5pm.

Habakkuk Launches Monthly Newsletter

Habakkuk is excited to announce the launch of the Restoring Life Dispatch (RLD). The RLD aims to serve as a monthly resource for orthopedics and leadership – straight from the desk of CEO Clay Steves!

Clay’s hope is to provide a single hub with timely news and credible sources that are beneficial to both work and life. Additionally, he’ll share what lessons he is learning from his own experience in leading a small orthopedic business.

Be on the lookout at the end of every month for The RLD and please share with others! 

Not yet subscribed? Click here to get on the list for next month’s RLD!

Habakkuk & Corin Announce Partnership

Earlier this year, we announced that Corin acquired OMNI, a longtime Habakkuk partner. Today, Habakkuk is pleased to announce its strategic distribution partnership with Corin, a world leader in clinically proven hip and knee solutions.

With this partnership, Habakkuk will continue to lead the orthopedic market with exceptional top-of-the-line products. This will include our robotic-assisted total knee platform, which couples a robotic saw guide and the first ever robotic ligament balancing device. This platform also utilizes the Apex Total Knee Arthroplasty product, which will be available mid-2020 in a Titanium Nitride (TiN) gold coated option. Early clinical data reveals the combination of these products are providing revolutionary results for our surgeons and their patients.

In the hip division, we are excited to introduce Corin’s Optimized Positioning System, OPS™, which is redefining our understanding of the Spino-Pelvic relationship and improving the way we plan and perform Total Hip Arthroplasty. Combined with intuitive and accurate delivery systems, OPS™ is a comprehensive technology that delivers a truly patient specific solution.

Corin is revolutionizing orthopedics with technology that is focused on assisting surgeons to meet the needs of their patients. Their deep insight and understanding of the orthopedic industry lead to advanced, patient-specific solutions that exceed expectations, maximize value in healthcare and positively impact lives.

Find out how you can begin utilizing Corin products in your practice here.

Click here to learn more about Corin.