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The amount of airborne contamination in the active operating room should be minimized to prevent surgical site infection/PJI
– International Consensus Meeting on Musculoskeletal Infection, 2018

Keeping Hospitals Safe

Introducing Illuvia® HEPA – Ultraviolet Air recirculation system (HUAIRS®)

Aerobiotix – Rapid Air Disinfection

Do you know how dirty your OR air is? Operating rooms have high burdens of airborne bacteria, particularly in high traffic zones, which can be as dirty as regular hospital wards. Standard room air exchanges are not enough for today’s busy and crowded ORs. The Illuvia system by Aerobiotix is proven in peer-reviewed literature to cut air bacterial levels by over 50% in occupied ORs. Our patented internal ultraviolet system, combined with HEPA filtration and contamination-collecting cartridge technology assures every procedure has the best environment for patients and staff.

The Illuvia system is an air-handling apparatus for a surgical operating room intended to produce a directed, nonturbulent flow of air that has been filtered to remove particulate matter and microorganisms to provide an area free of contaminants to reduce the possibility of infection in the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine my OR’s baseline particle concentration?

  • We use a Particles Plus Handheld Particle Counter. The unit is set to give output in units of particles per cubic meter for sizes 0.3 μm, 5.0 μm and 10.0 μm. For operating room measurements, multiple readings are taken in an active area and near doorways of the room, while the room is occupied and a surgical procedure is ongoing.


How long is the demo?

  • The demo lasts two surgical days. The first day will act as the baseline or control day. We will monitor the air quality throughout a normal day of surgery using the Particles Plus Handheld Particle Counter. On the second day, an Illuvia HUAIRS® Unit is placed in the same OR and again, the air quality is monitored throughout the day using the handheld counter.

Does operating staff or the patient need to leave the room prior to use of Illuvia HUAIRS®?

  • No, operating room staff nor the patient needs to leave the room prior to use of the Illuvia HUAIRS®. Illuvia HUAIRS® is safe to use with presence of staff and patients in the room as there are no harmful side effects from this unit.

How large of a footprint is the Illuvia HUAIRS®?

  • The Illuvia HUAIRS® unit measures 18″x18″x52″ in size (roughly the size of a small rep in the room).

How large of an area will the Illuvia HUAIRS® unit cover and what is the exchange rate?

  • The Illuvia HUAIRS® Unit will cover up to 1,000 square feet of space and clean the air in a 20’x20′ Operating Room every 8 minutes.

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